MTB Mountainbike-Helmet for Men & Women, Black/Neon-Green mat + Visor

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EXTREM STYLISH: A cool bike, nice weather & a cool helmet - go to biking and really work 
off energy. The wind sweeps through the face, the next curve says hello and the day is perfect.
The helmet must also look like good, and it must not be like a bulky plastic block, whether it's
a city helmet, for adults, young people, boys or girls.

EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE:Smooth and extra light 250 grams. ✔Stepless & Easily Adjustable 
EASfit Adjustment System (Easy Adjusting System) ✔ perfectly adjusted, the soft and perfectly 
shaped, replaceable and washable pads - and thus our personal bike park test winner 
and the perfect bicycle accessory

EXTREMELY WELL VENTILATED: No trace of sweat, ventilation system with 14 extra large air 
openings placed at an optimal angle to keep a cool head without sacrificing safety.

EXTREMELY SAFE: The neon green is also easily recognizable without lighting ✔ The latest 
in-mold technology of the ✔Polycarbonate hard shell, firmly welded to the EPS hard foam inlay,
acts as a crumple zone for an optimum deceleration effect and the benchmark standard in the

- Extra light weight 250 g
- In-Mold Technology
- EASfit chinstrap
- Stepless EAS adjustment system
- Insect Protection
- practical windscreen & rain protection visor
- Ventilation system with 14 air holes
- Washable and washable inner pads / pads
- Since September 2017 on the market, after 2 years development period

Imagine, you board with a feeling of 80 km/h (in fact it is maybe 30 km / h after all 8.3 m per 
second) a gravel path or steep bike path down. Your cervical spine is subjected to the greatest 
stress to keep your head about 6 kg on course. You won't notice the cuddly extralight 250 gram 
MTB helmet. The reason for this wearing comfort is a symbiosis of ingenious, perfectly 
coordinated individual parts. Perfectly adjusted by the infinitely variable EASfit adjustment system
(Easy Adjusting System), the soft and perfectly shaped, interchangeable and washable pads
in the helmet fit snugly to your head shape. There is no trace of sweat, the ventilation system 
with 14 extra-large air openings placed at an optimal angle, keep a cool head without sacrificing
safety. Softly padded EASfit chinstraps, the buckle holds a weight of one ton and is nevertheless 
easy to open.

A cool bike, nice weather & a cool helmet - go to biking and really work off energy. The wind 
sweeps through the face, the next curve says hello and the day is perfect - the helmet has to look
like this and must not be like grandma's weed bucket.

Now imagine a small but rebellious wasp named Agnes rushing at your head, misjudging 
your speed, trying to fight your scalp with wild determination to avenge your driving style. 
For this situation, the MTB helmet has a built-in insect protection in the form of an extra-stable
insect net made of robust nylon.

So that the rain drops do not jump into the eye, no branches in the face and the sun does not 
burn in the face, this is ensured by the practical and stylish visor or helmet screen.

You wonder, of course, "how safe is my helmet when it comes down hard?" - Despite the compact 
format, it has a decent crumple zone made of foamed rigid foam EPS, which deforms during a 
fall and brakes the fall as best as possible. This special material has been used for many years in
bicycle helmets and is firmly welded to the robust shell of polycarbonate by the latest in-mold 
technology. Polycarbonate is an extremely resistant material, which is why helmet shells are the 
first choice.